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Basics22. November 2023

Getting involved in good causes pays off for companies in many ways

Companies contribute to solving social problems

Companies can get involved in various ways: they can donate money, time, knowledge, take part in community-orientated cooperation projects or set up their own social and environmental initiatives. According to the Corporate Citizenship Survey 2018 (CC-Survey 2018) by the German Stifterverband and Bertelsmann show (not that many reliable surveys yet) four out of five companies donate money, most of them on a regular basis. According to the report, the German economy alone spends 9.5 billion euros a year for the common good.

These funds are used to enable people and organizations to set up and implement, build, and expand projects. This means that entrepreneurial commitment is a key pillar in solving social challenges.

Do good and talk about it: Entrepreneurial commitment radiates in all directions 

There will hardly be anyone who doesn't like to be involved in something helpful, right? 

When a company gets involved in social initiatives, it shows that it is taking responsibility and helping to shape the world of tomorrow. This demonstrates sustainable values and an attitude of sharing successes and allowing people to participate. The question of the meaningfulness of one's own actions is no longer just a question for the generation that has just joined companies and organizations, rather this question is becoming a movement among people in general. So, if what you do in your company not only contributes to your company's success but also to improving social challenges, all the better!

Best Practise: Visable donates 15 000 €

And that is why Visable is also making several commitments this year, donating EUR 10,000 to the Hamburg-based association Kids & Welcome e.V. and EUR 5,000 to the Paris-based organization UNIPAI.

Founded in 2015 as a volunteer initiative, Kids & Welcome e.V. is now an association that has set up several children's programmes in refugee accommodation, employs refugees as federal volunteers and cultural mediators and runs projects involving encounters between refugees and locals. These are direct measures for the integration of refugees near our headquarters and we support them!

With 900,000 members, the organisation UNIPAI works every day to find suitable jobs for people with neurodevelopmental disorders so that they can finance their basic needs independently. This helps to integrate them into the labour market and thus into society and is an excellent example of enablement!

As a leading player in the employment of people with disabilities, the Unapei & Entreprises network is present throughout France and overseas territories and provides employment for more than 60,000 people with intellectual or mental disabilities or autism. For example, at UpCycl'in - a furniture renovation workshop run by the association Le Pré de la Bataille, a member of the @Unapei & Entreprises network. In this original workshop, which is housed in a coworking space, six disabled employees work alongside a trainer.

The aim is to restore and modernise used furniture so that it can be reused. An online sales platform has been developed to facilitate the sale and visibility of the products, which will soon include items from a sewing workshop.

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