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City Pact #HamburgKyiv: First project to promote economic ties starts with Visable GmbH Hamburg

30 Kyiv companies receive premium placements worth a total of over 100,000 euros on the B2B platform europages

Hamburg, May 4, 2023 - Visable supports the #HamburgKyiv city pact for solidarity and the future in launching a new business initiative. While so far the focus has been on the aspect of solidarity in the form of emergency aid for the people of Kyiv, the new initiative of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the B2B platform operator focuses on the future.

The "Pact for Solidarity and the Future" agreed between the mayors of Kyiv and Hamburg, Dr. Vitali Klitschko and Dr. Peter Tschentscher, has already been in place for a year. As part of this strategic agreement, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry are developing joint initiatives to network the two business locations.

Prof. Norbert Aust, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, emphasized on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the City Pact that he also wanted to establish perspectives for long-term economic relations at an early stage. "Of course, the people on the ground continue to urgently need donations and relief supplies; at the moment, unfortunately, no one can say how long Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine will continue. We want to support the Ukrainian economy and establish strong connections now for the future. Visable's involvement is an important first step in promoting international networking between companies from Hamburg and Kyiv."

Visable operates Europe's two leading online B2B platforms, europages and wlw (formerly "Wer liefert was"), and helps European SMEs offer their products and services to buyers worldwide. The Hamburg-based company is providing 30 Kyiv companies with free premium packages to increase their online visibility on europages worth a total of more than €100,000.

"Just as 75 years ago the Marshall Plan helped Germany and Europe get back on their feet economically, Ukraine now needs a strong act of solidarity," says Peter F. Schmid, CEO of Visable. "Today, many Ukrainian companies have their backs to the wall, guiltlessly, because of the war. And this time it's us who can help. By supporting companies, we are securing jobs in Kyiv. If every Hamburg company contributes a little, together we can do a lot. Therefore, we can only express our gratitude for the initiative of the Chambers of Commerce and appeal to the Hamburg business community to also strengthen the Hamburg - Kyiv axis."

Dr. Iryna Tybinka, Consul General of Ukraine in Hamburg, concurs: "The development of mutually beneficial business relations between Ukrainian, German as well as European companies is an important support both for Ukraine and its economy weakened by Russia's war. Ukrainian goods and services deserve to be discovered by local companies and consumers and enrich the European domestic market. I thank the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Visable GmbH for promoting networking and establishing working contacts for Ukrainian companies. This step is also a part of Ukraine's reconstruction, which is already starting today."

Specifically, the Ukrainian companies will receive the "Europages Europe Plus Package Premium" for 12 months. The package, worth over 3,400 euros per year, includes extensive services in the areas of search engine optimization, product presentation, translation and data analysis. Visable will onboard participating companies from Kyiv in order to make the best possible use of the services.

Since May 1, Kyiv companies have been able to apply for the premium packages and will be selected by the Kyiv Chamber of Industry and Commerce based on eligibility criteria such as export experience, meeting product standards for the European market, company size and turnover. Kyiv Chamber President Mykola Zasulskyi acknowledges the forward-looking move: "We are grateful for this opportunity to support Ukrainian exporters and hope for further cooperation in the future to restore Ukraine's economic potential." If the pilot project proves successful, it can serve as a model for a more widespread rollout, which could then attract federal or EU funding.


f.l.t.r.: Peter F. Schmid (CEO of Visable GmbH), Ira Zelenina (CEO Export Promotion Center Kyiv Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Dr. Iryna Tybinka (Consul General of Ukraine in Hamburg) and Prof. Norbert Aust (President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce)


f.l.t.r.: Peter F. Schmid (CEO of Visable GmbH), Dr. Iryna Tybinka (Consul General of Ukraine in Hamburg) and Prof. Norbert Aust (President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce)


About the #HamburgKyiv city pact:
On April 24, 2022, the mayors Dr. Vitali Klitschko and Dr. Peter Tschentscher established a strategic partnership between their cities Kyiv and Hamburg and agreed on a "Pact for Solidarity and Future". In view of the humanitarian catastrophe as a result of Russia's attacks in violation of international law, the initial focus for implementing this pact was on support for Kyiv by the city of Hamburg in cooperation with #WeAreAllUkrainians, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Hanseatic Help e.V.

The second phase of the partnership will focus on strengthening economic, cultural and social relations in order to promote the reconstruction of Kyiv and the further positive development of both cities. Further information on the Pact for Solidarity and the Future can be found on the Internet at


About the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of 170,000 companies and is a service provider for Hamburg's economy. It is represented by 63 entrepreneurs elected to the plenum, another 850 volunteer in committees and 4,500 examiners ensure the quality of vocational training and the technical and specialist examinations. In the full-time office, 280 employees implement the tasks of the Chamber of Commerce. On the basis of our location strategy "Hamburg 2040 - how do we want to live in the future and what will we live on?", we aim to strengthen Hamburg's viability together with the business community and beyond, and to actively help shape the future of the location. Our guiding principle is: "Shaping Hamburg's future together".   

About Visable
Visable enables small and medium-sized industrial businesses to make products and services internationally accessible to purchasers. The company offers a broad range of specially tailored services for business customers to increase their digital reach. This includes a combination of company-owned B2B platforms and online marketing services, such as Google Ads and retargeting campaigns.

Platforms operated by the Visable GmbH include wlw („Wer liefert was“), which is the leading B2B platform in the D-A-CH region, as well as the European B2B platform europages, on which about 3 million companies are registered. Together, the two platforms reach 3 million B2B purchasers per month, looking for detailed company and product information.
With its online marketing services Visable offers businesses additional opportunities to increase their online reach. 

The company Visable was established in response to the challenges of internationalisation and digitalisation in the B2B market and employs today more than 480 people at its locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster and Paris. Visable represents the umbrella for the brands wlw and europages and continues to expand its b2b platforms and online marketing services.

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