Press Release
Press Release

Procurement 4.0: wlw Connect interconnects buyers and suppliers

Hamburg, 12. December 2019 – The purchasing process can be lengthy and characterized by wastage. The new service wlw Connect from "Wer liefert was", the leading B2B marketplace in Europe, brings professional buyers and suppliers together in a targeted manner and thus simplifies and accelerates the decision-making process significantly.

  • "Wer liefert was" introduces active matchmaking with wlw Connect
  • The new service brings buyers and dealers together faster and leads to qualified proposals
  • The decision-making process of purchases is thus significantly shortened and improved

Research, inform, contact providers: The path from demand to contract can be long in professional purchasing. Suitable suppliers have to be researched and contacted - whether they can meet the requirements of the inquiry is not guaranteed. This has to be easier, decided "Wer liefert was", the B2B marketplace belonging to Visable, and developed a solution to shorten the information and research process: wlw Connect. The new service matches searchers and providers and thus saves time, money and nerves of professional buyers.

The customer journey in the B2B sector is long, especially for complex goods, because the number of choices is often large and the quality, price and delivery periods play an important role for the success of the company. Accordingly, the information and research processes, contact and negotiations with suppliers are extensive and time-consuming for professional buyers before the actual order is placed. There is a risk of wastage, for example if a laboriously researched supplier is unable to accept an order due to a lack of capacity.

The solution to these problems is wlw Connect. The new service from "Wer liefert was", the leading B2B marketplace in Europe, brings professional buyers and suppliers in the B2B sector together in a targeted manner and thus simplifies and accelerates the decision-making process considerably.

It's a Match! How the provider search with wlw Connect works
Using wlw Connect, purchasers can easily submit a specific enquiry, for example if ten new forklift trucks are to be purchased. By specifying additional parameters, the inquiry can be made more precise, such as further product specifications (e.g. type of drive for the forklift truck), delivery period, price expectations or distance between the supplier and the purchasing company.

The buyer's enquiries are systematically evaluated and forwarded anonymously to suitable suppliers. The buyers then receive a clear list of all interested suppliers as feedback from wlw Connect. Purchasers can now make targeted contact.

"The big difference to a normal search by entering a search word on is that the buyer receives qualified feedback from us and the suppliers have a real interest in the possible order," says Sebastian Keller, Senior Director Product, responsible for product development at Visable GmbH, to which "Wer liefert was" belongs. "The buyer submits the enquiry via wlw Connect and then simply waits until we have found the right supplier for him. This saves time and reduces wastage. As a general rule, the more concrete the request, the greater the probability that we will find a suitable supplier."

The use of wlw Connect, like the normal search via the platform, is free of charge for the purchaser. Anonymity during the matching process ensures responsible handling of contact data. In addition to the purchaser, the providers also benefit from wlw Connect, as they can generate additional concrete inquiries and leads via this service. In addition, the providers receive a guideline value for the potential order value.

"With the first development stage of wlw Connect, we want to relieve employees of the procurement workload and at the same time support vendors in generating leads. However, we will continue to develop the service further. We are considering, for example, the possibility of making the enquiry by telephone or that we can offer the enquiry form partially prefilled to the buyer through a technical link to the search," says Sebastian Keller. 

You can find an info graphic for the press release here and a photo of Sebastian Keller here.

Here you can download the press release as a pdf file. 

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