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Visable 360
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Basics15. May 2023

EP Barometer 2023

Visable determines the demand trends and current market developments in the SME sector. The europages sourcing barometer lists on a quarterly basis what German and international SMEs are increasingly looking for in the B2B segment.  

Exploring SME Demand Trends for Online Success

The gathered data are quite solid as the platform counts 7 290 000 visitors wordwide, handles  15 560 000 searches in 26 languages and copes with 200 000 products and services. More than 3 000 new company profiles featuring actionable industrial information are created monthly on europages. Of importance are not only the most searched products in the past quarter, but also the largest increases in product searches, from which trends can be derived. Also of interest are the changes in the top 10 countries for search queries or quotation requests in order to assess the potential of individual markets.


Cosmetics and foods are on top of the products buyers searched for

Interesting is the increase in product searches where – compared to the first quarter 2022 - mens cloths record a plus of 268 percent and meat a plus of 132 percent. So the type of fabric, the supply chain behind the production and transport of products play a more and more important role among consumers.


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The shopping queens and kings are the French and the Italien

Looking on the searching behaviour France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Nigeria remain on the top of the list. The US, Poland and the Netherlands have increased the searches, only UK lost pace. Within all that the most targeted country for searches was Gemany – so “Made in Germany” obviously still is an argument for buyers to decide for goods.

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