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GitterStar – well equipped for the future

Thanks to a high level of technical know-how and solid craftsmanship, GitterStar meets the growing demands for customised industrial grating. To communicate its products to new customers, GitterStar is working together with Visable from its company headquarters in Emsdetten, Germany. Ever since the start, GitterStar has been operating a professional company profile on “Wer liefert was” and using many of the online marketing services offered by Visable. We spoke with owner Karlheinz Martin about his experiences. 

Mr Martin, what products does your company offer on the market?

We at GitterStar produce grating in all kinds of variants, as standard models or customised to meet individual needs. Our line-up covers pressed grating and welded pressed grating, steps and platforms, amongst others, as well as specially tailored products. These include grating which is attached to building facades and protects against intruders or the sun. Our projects range from small quantities to major orders encompassing several thousand square metres.

What makes GitterStar different from the competition?

Over the past few years, we have specialised mainly in realising products that fulfil customers’ individual requests; we can score here with our high level of technical know-how and comprehensive consultation. Such customised products usually centre on special surface treatments that, for instance, ensure a better grip, or on individual details such as raisers, cut-outs or skirting. Often, it is also a combination of these. An example is a customer from the gas industry. We outfitted his new refinery with 40,000 square metres of customised grating. In such a case, we naturally also developed the tailored installation plan. You could say that we find the right solution for nearly every special need.

What role does Visable play for your company at the moment?

We continually receive customer requests via “Wer liefert was”. And this is noticed in the number of incoming orders we get. 

What prompted you to work with Visable?

Before working with Visable, we received advisory from various service providers and used their services. But the results were always disappointing. Visable, however, convinced us immediately with their excellent consultation and good service. We were also really satisfied with their support during the implementation process. The consultants already knew, after just a bit of information from us, what it was all about and quickly got things rolling.

Has this positive impression changed in any way during your work with Visable?

Our expectations have been completely met across the board. We have been at the top of search engine requests for years and continually receive requests from customers via “Wer liefert was”.

In addition to the service package, you also leverage a few online marketing services from Visable today. What has been your experience with these?

The additional offers from Visable serve as a good supplement that allows us to boost our online reach even more. Particularly Google Ads increased the number of visitors to our profile by five in just a short time. This naturally also led to an increase in orders. We also continue to use EUROPAGES, which allows us to reach more customers in Europe.

Which challenges do you see as having to face in future?

In our branch, individual customer wishes and short delivery times are playing an ever more important role. With our high level of technical know-how, our solid craftsmanship and cutting-edge production methods, we are well equipped to handle these. And to make our abilities visible to the right customer group, we aim to maintain a close collaboration with the Visable team in future too.


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