Starter Guide for your success
Starter Guide for your success

Creating a professional appearance

Tip: Once you have created your company profile, you should check regularly whether your company data and contact persons remain up-to-date. This is the only way to ensure that potential clients can find you easily and to generate promising contact requests.

Your company data
Via the button "Edit company profile" you can enter all subsequent data – from the address to references. To do this, simply log into your company profile. It is important that the company name matches the entry in the commercial register. Our Customer Support will be happy to assist with changing your company name.Information about your company gives buyers the opportunity to get an overview and a proper good impression quickly. Ensure completeness – adding all contact information will ensure that you can be contacted via different channels.To help make purchasing decisions easier, use balance sheets and financial data to provide guidance for buyers in the procurement process. They help you as a supplier to position yourself as a trustworthy vendor on wlw. You can determine whether your operational key figures should be visible to buyers or not.
Your contact persons
A personal contact person is particularly relevant for buyers. Enter this person under "Contact person in your company". This creates trust and increases the likelihood that a buyer will send you a direct inquiry. You can also respond rapidly to inquiries when they reach the right person and avoid costly processing time and effort. The first contact person you create will appear under "Location and contact person".
Logo and company photos
According to comparative analysis on wlw, companies with images received significantly more inquiries than companies without images. Therefore, upload high-quality images and make sure that the company logo is well presented. You will find the "Logo" and "Company images" tiles under your basic data. Suitable motifs include company premises, outdoor shots, team photos or production lines. Each image can be provided with a German, English and French caption. Images can be uploaded as JPEG, PNG or GIF with a max. file size of 10 MB. The recommended minimum size for the logo is 144 x 108 px.

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