What is Visable?

Why was the Visable brand introduced?

What advantage do I get, as a customer, from the name change?

Are there any changes in my contract?

Is there any change to the invoice and my payment? Is there a new bank account?

Will I still get my MyStats, and will anything there change?

Has EUROPAGES been sold?

Will I get a new contact?

Will my contact information for customer service change?

Where can I find information about my contract in the future?

How will I benefit from another company profile on wlw ("Wer liefert was")?

Do I now have a special right of termination?

How will B2B purchasers find me in future?

Will my contract continue to be extended automatically?

Does anything change in the company profiles on EUROPAGES and wlw ("Wer liefert was")?

How will I access my dashboard in the future?

Will my booked online marketing services remain unchanged?

What happened to my personal data? Has it been shared?

Will the look of also change for B2B purchasers?

A new umbrella for "Wer liefert was" and Europages

You have been redirected to Visable.

The new home of our B2B marketplaces and online marketing services is live online. Discover even more ways to extend your reach on the internet at

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