{Future}Stack 17

When I log in to our New Relic account and look at our performance, health and error metrics, I used to think: “Wow – so many information – what can we get out of that and how much don’t we know about our apps?” To get a bit closer to the answer, I thought it would be a great idea to attend to the New Relic FutureStack Conference.

This one was the first in Germany. So let’s travel to Berlin. Beyond the obligatory sales events it was great having a chance to listen to the founder and CEO of New Relic Lew Cirne. He held the keynote and gave some interesting insight to his visits of South Europe and his preference to French White Wine.

For those who don’t want to send all the (sensitive) data to some Data Center in the US here are some good news: New Relic will launch an European Availability Zone of their SaaS Platform in … guess … Germany.

After lots of Business Insights from the Allianz X, Scout24 and ProSieben guys, Olad Aden from Gangway e.V. showed how the donations attendees of the FutureStack made where spend. He also presented their great social projects they were sponsoring all around the world. One project is bringing together HipHop fascinated kids from Berlin and New York City.

After a short break Cedric Archambeau spoke about the different AI and Machine Learning projects at Amazon like Apache MXNet, Polly and Lex. That was when I made some connections to our recent projects and learnings implementing Machine Learning using Python for our Marketplace Step-Up project. So Amazon knows how to recognise faces but asking Cedric how to adapt this knowledge to identify screws he just told me: “That may be hard!”. Well – challenge accepted.

After a lunch break New Relic offered some hands-on workshops, explaining how New Relic users can create custom dashboards in Insights and utilise New Relic Infrastructure to have a full stack view across your apps and the underlying infrastructure.

Closing with a “Berliner Currywurst” and some social beers the FutureStack17 was a good event to bring Engineers and Business Owners closer together to make more data driven decisions. Every engineer should care about the impact of his last implemented feature or Bug-Fix and continuously monitor it with tools like New Relic. Application Performance Management should not just be an Engineering topic but an organisation one.

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